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Traffic Cones

Because we handle the tedious things.

Your business should focus on doing what it does best: digging that hole, fitting those pipes, laying that conduit, not the right-of-way specifications & variables of your project...

With a combined field experience of over 80,000+ hours on our team, we've seen a lot of unique situations in work zones and apply that to your projects. you'll notice a difference in our people too, we find joy in designing projects and seek out frequent training - our output is evidence of such.

With Traffic Mitigation Group, you can focus more on the project and less on how to design or install the traffic control. road authorities have discretion on how & when your project will run; a well designed, organized and clean work zone can often lead to avoiding nightwork or other costly circumstances - this is our goal for you.

Earn favor with road authorities through our experience.

Our Team

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Kyle Gorder

Operations Director

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Michael McCuin


Team Members
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