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that's the way we've always done it doesn't cut it

Keep your organization's safety at heart through our expertise


we provide consultations and jobsite reviews for all mutcd related aspects of projects within the right-of-way. it's not always possible to have traffic control supervisors on every site, but we can provide guidance with missing attributes or risks that are overlooked so their respective management can get it deployed.

safety is often on the back burner. you can account for efficiency with numerical values or "profit." you cannot account for liability and safety until a near miss, accident or injury has occurred. OSHA provided statistics show a savings of $4-$6 per $1 invested from an effective safety and health program (2002, osha).

Complacency is a variable that's hard to stomp out. how can you recognize a safety issue if the tasks at hand are done in repetition? without a refresher in training or a new set of eyes reviewing attributes of a project, often issues will go unnoticed or ignored.

give us a call with any questions; short term to correct repetitive incidents, help refine your crews training or ongoing scheduling, we are happy to help.


Our team specializes in complex asphalt/concrete restoration projects

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