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Traffic Control Plans

Site specific TCPs designed with above minimum detail. Usually accepted by roadway authority on first submission. Price variable is turn around time. Some providers aim to make as many pages as possible out of a project - our goal is return clients

2- 3 day $145 per page

12 - 24 hr RUSHED $165

Flagger Training

We cover ±42 states for flagger training.

  • WA state (8 hr) training includes both WSDOT and ATSSA's National card. WSDOT card accepted in WA, OR, ID and Montana.

  • ATSSA's National card is accepted in most states. We do have CA approved instructors.

We account for the cost of travel very conservatively - generally 50% of travel expenses is weighed v. number of students trained.​ We accommodate but aim for a 10 student minimum.

Traffic Marking Layouts

MUTCD based layouts for public and private property. IMSA traffic marking technicians & certified Traffic Control Supervisors design and sign for municipal submittal.

$120 per page

Truck Mounted Attenuator Operator (TMA)

Training provided on proper use and the benefits of using Truck Mounted Attenuator trucks (TMAs) and buffer vehicles to protect and reduce likelihood of fatalities for workers and errant drivers alike. Class is (4 hrs) long, TMA Operator card from ATSSA is provided & nationally accepted.

$125 per student

Traffic Control Plan Reviews

We review other contractors work. Sometimes a roadway authority won't provide a path forward explaining why a TCP isn't accepted, other times it involves a lawsuit due to a fatality or injury. 

$65 per page

Expert Witness

Testifying in court regarding MUTCD standards can be daunting. We have instructors on staff who are quite knowledgeable and certified in the majority of right of way classes known in the industry - it can make quite a difference with regards to a jury. 70% of all federal guideline books (MUTCD) are purchase by lawyers making right of way work extremely tedious for contractors regarding safety & liability. 

Price based on location

  • We maintain a 10 person minimum for classes; at times we do provide for smaller group sizes - reach out and we'll work with you. No show students does not immediately warrant a reduction in agreed upon price. A training room or conference room is required that includes an electrical outlet, tables and chairs and forewarning if projection equipment is necessary for instruction.

  • If the training location is greater than 100 miles from either Las Vegas NV or 50 miles from Tacoma WA, the instructor’s travel and per diem from either at GSA (Federal) rates will be added:  Travel fee will be calculated / agreed upon in advance.  See GSA web site:  

  • Traffic Control Design Specialist (TCDS) signatures are available & provided for all drafted work upon request.

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