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Washington state flagger class 5/6
Puyallup, WA @ 830 a.m.

What is covered:​

  • All of Part 6 of the MUTCD referencing traffic control setups

  • MUTCD - Section 6E - Flagging Operations

  • Rules of conduct

Class Details


We are scheduling a class in Puyallup at the recreation center for 


30 students max - 17 seats left

 Location of class will be located at puyallup events center conference room in puyallup, wa. class Duration minimum requirement is 6 hours; should not be longer than 8 hours with the exam. Both Washington State and National ATSSA flagger cards will be provided after successful completion of exam with a passing score of >80%; exams are open book. If a student fails the exam, the student is required to retake the course per ATSSA. Arrive 20 minutes early to prepare for the class, students arriving late being allowed to continue is instructor discretion.

all details on the right help make certain your flagger card can be laminated & provided to you at the end of the day of class. Photo preferably uploaded for your flagger permit to be completed.


payments must be made the day before the class for both private individuals & companies requiring training.


Refunds should also be requested 2 days prior to start of class being student traffic cards will begin being printed and laminated. They are subject to a $5 CC processing fee per student cancelation.

Companies signing up multiple students may contact us here.

For Employers to Verify Your Permit
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Tacoma office

PO Box 111431

Tacoma, WA 98411

Las Vegas office

3225 McLeod Drive, Ste 100

Las vegas, nv 89121

UBI #: 604-878-430

DUNS #: 118656993

$2MM GL/$2MM E&0

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