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Previous Class Schedule

July 8th, 2022 Auburn, WA

Aug 20th, 2022 dupont, wa

Oct  8th, 2022 DuPont, WA

NOV 15th, 2022, Auburn, WA Private

Dec 9th, 2022 Wenatchee, wa Private

Dec 27th, 2022 Tacoma, WA

Jan 26th, 2023 Puyallup

Jan 27th, 2023 Bremerton

Class Schedule

Feb 18, 2023 Puyallup

Feb 25th, 2023 Auburn Private

Private XX/XX, Bellingham, WA

schedule at your facility by emailing us. 10 student minimum required.

Flagging Classes

Flagging classes in Washington state are regulated by WSDOT and they require a 4 hr recert class and 6 hour minimum for certification; typically 7 hours long. This is primarily because Washington has supplements that go beyond the MUTCD.

flagger certifications are not just for flaggers. every crew member associated with or exposed to the dangers of the road should receive training to familiarize with the hazards of the road and to give them an understanding of how traffic control operates. a flagger card does qualify the holder to direct traffic but it does not guarantee they are automatically a competent person under the definition found in the OSHA regulation manual 1926.32(f) which reads:

Competent person means one who is capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards in the surroundings or working conditions which are unsanitary, hazardous, or dangerous to employees, and who has authorization to take prompt corrective measures to eliminate them.

This definition is met over time with experience and training; it does however meet the majority of employer obligations. A more comprehensive understanding of osha's view on the competent person subject matter can be found here.

our flagger classes are provided from ATSSA certified instructors and are delivered in the mandated context. Every contractor has their specific line of work that is unique - we can and tend to encourage questions specific to your line of work being you walk away with a fruitful experience for your crews. whether it's striping, utility, asphalt or concrete, major arterial & intersections, state route highways, rural roads, grind and overlays, street closures & detours, pedestrian access changes  or mobile work - we have you covered.

the cost per card is $130 for WA or $110 for national cards, if there is a conference room provided; minimum 10 people or cost basis equivalent.

Real world experience

Taught by regional leading tcs's

80,000+ Hours

to have "hours" of experience is one thing but if it's spent on long term projects?

Dealing with variables of numerous projects and locations - that's high value experience.

Tacoma office

PO Box 111431

Tacoma, WA 98411

Las Vegas office

3225 McLeod Drive, Ste 100

Las vegas, nv 89121

UBI #: 604-878-430

DUNS #: 118656993

$2MM GL/$2MM E&0

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